Blind or visually impaired menstrual cup users.

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Finally made the swich!
murryprincess wrote in blind_cup_users
Hey guys.

Firstly i so have to thank you. This comunity was an awesome idea, and hopefully it'll grow and help more of us with a visual impairment want to use cups etc, and help us all find new tips and tricks. :)

I'm excited/nervous. I finally got my first cup yesterday (it's the smaller Lunette), i don't really have to many options because of where i live (Australia), but i also have a small ladycup on it's way.

Trying a dryrun today, so hopefully all goes well. I so wanna use it when my next sicle starts!

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Let us know how it goes!! just for your information though, dry runs are usually more difficult and annoying than the real thing, so please don't let that discourage you from using it when you do start your period. I use a small lady cup, and am in love with it!! good luck!

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