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Blind or visually impaired menstrual cup users.

Finally made the swich!
Hey guys.

Firstly i so have to thank you. This comunity was an awesome idea, and hopefully it'll grow and help more of us with a visual impairment want to use cups etc, and help us all find new tips and tricks. :)

I'm excited/nervous. I finally got my first cup yesterday (it's the smaller Lunette), i don't really have to many options because of where i live (Australia), but i also have a small ladycup on it's way.

Trying a dryrun today, so hopefully all goes well. I so wanna use it when my next sicle starts!

First post
Hi guys,
Thanks for joining this community! I'm really excited and I hope this community can go somewhere over time. Anyway, feel freeto post about anything period related at all. If it's problems that you're having with cups,questions about where to get them, questions about cloth pads, anything like that, post away! I amcurious about other cloth pads, as I've only tried Luna Pads and though I love mmine,i'm just curious what the differences are. I had some issues with understanding how the pads worked at first and I'd be happy to post descriptions of how they work if anyone is interested.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for joining and I'm looking forward to helping this community be the best it can be.
Take Care,