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Blind or visually impaired menstrual cup users.
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A place for blind or VI cup users to ask questions and get support from each other.
This is a community for blind or visually impaired cup users whether you're new to a cup or not, to come and ask questions. There's a really nice cup community on LJ, but there are quite a few of us blind people who are interested in menstrual cups. So, I decided to create our own community. What are menstrual cups? They are cups that are belle shaped and worn low in the vagina. They collect, rather than absorb, menstral flow and are emptied throughout the day. Visually impaired people have questions that are specific to our blindness, since the manuals that come with our cups helpfully provide pictures and we cannot see them, or if we can, maybe we can't see them well. So, we need very good descriptions of how to fold the cups and things like that. I only have a few rules and those are:
1. Please be respectful. Anyone caught bashing another person for any reason, including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, level of blindness, age, any other coexisting disabilities, or for any other reason will be given one warning and then banned from the community. I personally, have a chronic illness other than my blindness, that makes comprehending things difficult sometimes. As a result, I have to ask questions that may seem silly in order to understand things correctly. I wantthis to be a place where we can all post questions if we need to such as, "Does my cup go in cup end first or stem end first?" without being afraid that we're going to get an uneffective response back such as," It goes in cup end first stupid!" There are other people out there like myself who have comprehention issues, so please be nice. I really do not wish to have to ban anyone, but if I need to, I will. I don't always get around to reading my friend's page every day, so if you have a problem with someone, please email me.
2. Please keep posts on topic. You can post things related to other menstrual products if you like, such as cloth pads. I myself use Luna pads, as well as a Diva Cup. You can post success stories, as well as problems you're having and ask for any advice on menstrual products. Please however, do not post things that are not related in some way to menstruation. For example, what you did during the day and what you had for dinner, etc. That kind of stuff goes in your personal journal and is not what this community is for.

That's all my rules. If you would like, you can check out the other cup community. They're very very high traffic, so be prepared for that, but they've got a lot of helpful sighted people over there. If you'd like to join that one as well, the link is:
If you're in other communities that you feel would be interested in this, please pass the info along to them. I'm not in a bunch of blindness related communities and I'm not going to join them just to promote this community and then leave, I don't feel that that's right. So, please help me spread the word. Oh, and because I can, here's a link to my disabled pet owners community: that you can join if you have pets.
If you can think of anything else I did not include here, please let me know and I'll do my best to include it.